The Beta Test

This is a video of Wireless Sound Objects in action, for their first Beta Test in May 2008. (featuring Oscillator and Sequencer). Basically what is happening here (if its not obvious) is that the sequencer is running through 8 steps, and @ each step a value can be sent over a wireless mesh network to the oscillator, which then produces a pitch at the given frequency. The sound here is not that great, but I think this covers the basic idea.

The Alpha Test

This is the very first working wireless test with an early prototype mock-up of the sequencer. The sequencer is wirelessly sending values to a computer, and the computer is generating tones based on the values set on the sequencer. The position of the cursor/playback head is controlled only locally on the sequencer (although it can be slaved to another wireless device). All that is happening on the side of the computer is a tone is changing frequency, synced in real time over the wireless mesh network.